Britta Deutsch (GER), 2012-13

Born 1968 in Trier.

Lecturer at the European Art Academy Trier, ILF Rheinland Pfalz,

Cultural Office Rhineland-Palatinate and Trier

Chairman of the art association Trier Junge Kunst e.V.


Exhibitions and public events

Frankfurt am Main (GER), Dresden (GER), Weimar (GER), Mainz (GER), Ludwigshafen (GER), Saarbrücken (GER), Luxembourg (L), Thionville (F), York (GB), Gloucester (GB, Neukirchen (At)


Public Collections

State of Rhineland-Palatinate (GER), Museum Pachen (GER), Rockenhausen/Pfalz (GER)


Britta Deutsch

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