Herbert Lauer (GER), 2008-09

Born in 1952 in Trier (GER)

Self-study of painting, since 1983 working as a freelance painter


Exhibitions and public events

Trier (GER), Saarbrücken (GER), Simmern (LUX), Daun (GER), Prüm (GER), Frankfurt (GER), Weimar (GER), Pirmasens (GER), Nohfelden (GER), Luxembourg (LUX), Liège (B), Thionville (F), Barr (GER), Colmar-Berg (centre culturel) (LUX), Weimar (GER)

public purchases

Trier Savings Bank (GER), Artothek Trier (GER), Trier Public Utility Company (GER)


Herbert Lauer

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