3D renderings for projects

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communication advice

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Realisation of 3D images for the presentation of projects

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Privat + öffentlich

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project Realisation of 3D images for the presentation of projects clients private and public target general public consultancy, preparation and realisation of base plans for 3D, production coordination WW+ Esch-sur-Alzette (L) 3D renderings production rendertaxi (D), Stube13 (CH)


Today 3D renderings are indispensable tools for being able to properly visualise projects. They also encourage dreaming and discovery and can be persuasive to clients or potential users.

We draw up the necessary plans and determine which visual elements need to be emphasised to enhance your project. We then choose the best “renderer” for your object. Last but not least, we look after the artistic and technical management as well as the coordination process.

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