Development of an occupancy concept as a timber construction settlement, Mechernich (GER)

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Development of an occupancy concept as a timber construction settlement

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Wald und Holz Eifel e.V., HolzCluster

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3,2 ha

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New regionally typical construction: a concept for a new development area was developed and designed, which embodies the “Eifel attitude to life” and simultaneously translates landscape, urban development and architecture characteristics that are regionally typical and have in part been historically developed into a sustainable form of “living in the future”. This includes the interpretation of the new development area as a residential quarter, which enables its residents to live together in social structures that are similar to those seen in a village. This approach finds its continuation in a modern architecture of individual residential buildings, which reveal regionally typical and architectonic design languages and newly interpret them according to the changing requirements of today’s users.

Target groups: consciously living young families with children, who in a sound living environment seek a modern sustainable form of living in a single-family home, which also meets ecological and health requirements, as well as individuals who wish to reside in new living arrangements of social togetherness – multigenerational house, integrative living, etc.

Contractor: tasked with the project are the working group AXT Architekten and WW+ - architektur urbanismus projektmanagement sarl from Trier, who come with excellent references in the field of housing and urban planning as well as in the field of innovative wood architecture.

Funding in the context of the “100 Klimaschutzsiedlungen” programme is an option and recommended.

The urban preliminary design study is to be offered as a draft design to other building sites in the Eifel as a working guideline. The results report may be consulted by submitting a request to HKZR.

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