Masterplan ,Réimech 2035' (LUX)

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Master “Réimech 2035" for Remich (LUX)

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Ville de Remich (LUX)

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In progress

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project Master “Réimech 2035" for Remich (LUX) client Ville de Remich (LUX) management & urbanism WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) / Wasserbillig (LUX) landscape architecture Ernst&Partner, Trier (GER) mobility planer Schroeder & Associés S.A., Luxembourg (LUX) planning phases 11/2019 - 09/2022




The Masterplan "Réimech 2035" was presented, as a result from the citizen participation "Zesumme liewen. Zesumme beliewen Réimech”. Said Masterplan offers an urban planning vision for an area of approximately 11.6 ha, taking into account the "um Gréin" car park, the "op der Millen" site, the southern part of the Esplanade, the Place de la Résistance, the Place Dr F. Kons and the Rue de Macher.



Traffic Management

The concept of decentralising the car parks as proposed in the project includes eight car parks in the immediate vicinity of the centre. To meet the growing demand for parking, 990 parking spaces will be provided in the future, as well as 35 short-term parking spaces located no further than max. 150m from the centre.  A new "30 speed" section is planned on the N10. Two new shared spaces are furthermore planned. The bus network is being redesigned with new stops and the relocation of the bus station.



Active Mobility

In terms of active mobility, the project provides for the creation of a pedestrian network in the centre, connecting its various points of interest. A new national cycle path connects the PC3 to the PC7, crossing the redeveloped centre. The historic alleys in the centre of Remich are being developed and enhanced and will become a new tourist attraction in the future. The pedestrianised Rue de Macher is enhanced by vertical planting, special ground treatment and the installation of sculptures.



Urban and landscape design

The current "Um Gréin" car park will become the "Parc Gréin". This new, attractive, mixed-use district is dedicated to the establishment of a hotel, coworking offices, housing and a vegetated silo car park. These new buildings are organised around a park marked by the presence of elevated walkways to guarantee off-street access to the buildings. A new North/South pedestrian connection crosses this site, as a new link between the Esplanade and Brill Park.


The southern part of the Esplanade is being redeveloped. It includes an extension of the existing promenade and cycle path, an intergenerational park, new sports fields, a floating bar, a dock for kayaks and water taxis, a beach on the Moselle, yoga and fitness facilities. A restaurant is envisaged in the existing Visit Remich centre, some of whose functions will probably be relocated to the Notary House.


The Place Dr. F. Kons will be equipped with a modular water mirror, which will free up the space for special events. Also included is a covered square that can host a concert or market, as well as large areas dedicated to green spaces and planting.


The project for the Place de la Résistance includes an underground car park, an extension for the town hall, new housing and cafés. The square is designed in the form of terraces with a fountain, relaxation areas, places of celebration, tree lines and sculptures.

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