Development of town centre of Junglinster, "JongMëtt" (LUX)

Category :

Project management

Project :

Development of town centre of Junglinster, "JongMëtt"

Client :

Gemeinde Junglinster

Country :


Area :

gfa 3,8 ha

Start of planning :


Realisation :


Uses :

Living, business

Assignment :

Project management

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project Development of town centre of Junglinster, "JongMëtt" project client Community of Junglinster (LUX) planning services WW+ project management partner: urban design+open space Wich Architekten, Munich (GER) traffic planning Tramp Luxembourg, Capellen (LUX) infrastructure planning Luxplan, Capellen (LUX) planning of contaminated site remediation WPW Geo.Lux, Junglinster (LUX) total surface 3,8 ha net costs open space / total gross cost / start of planning 2009 realisation 2019

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