St. Elisabeth, Trier (GER)

Category :

Urbanism competition

Project :

new construction of a residential park in historical surroundings

Client :

Angela von Cordier-Stiftung, Linz am Rhein (D)

Country :


Area :

gaf 4116 m²

Planning period :

04/2011 - 06/2011

Award :

5 th prize

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Project new construction of a residential park in historical surroundings awarding authority Angela von Cordier-Stiftung, Linz am Rhein (GER) team WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER), Architekt Werner Schaack, Trier (GER), ernst+partner landschaftsarchitekten, Trier (GER), BLS Energieplan, Berlin (GER) gfa 4.116 m² ufa 2.552 m² competition phase 04/2011 - 06/2011 expert opinion process + competition 5.Preis


Urban planning and architectonic objectives

A street-side block perimeter construction on ‘Salvianstraße’ and ‘In der Olk’ creates urban space boundaries on the scale of the urban context. This results in a typical inner-city closing or completion of the street routes. The orientation of the property requires a differentiated design concept. The new construction is organised into two volumes, in the shape of two houses. One sits along ‘Salvianstraße’ as a ‘Stadthaus’ (town hall) with residences oriented to the south west and the other is a ‘house in the garden’ with residences looking towards the south east and the park. The access zone embraces the two building parts like a buckle and connects the two ‘houses’. On ‘Salvianstraße’ it runs alongside the park, while on ‘In der Olk’ it changes direction and runs along the street. As a result of this change, the building presents itself differently to the street areas.


Overlooking ‘Salvianstraße’ is a punctuated façade, articulated by the recessed loggias, while ‘In der Olk’ features a two-storey glass façade, which sits on top the historical wall. The new building volumes are purposely arranged with as little distance from the street as possible. This allows the future common park to remain a great coherent space – a green patio offering highly agreeable surroundings – for the benefit of all the residents. In acknowledgement of the existing situation, i.e. the tree-covered historical street wall, the future façade will feature a floral ornament in the shape of printed foliage. This ornamentation serves as a connecting element and is also found in the balustrade elements of the loggias and as a visual protection screen in the form of lasered sheet metal for parking cars.

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