Visitor Centre ‘Gärten der Welt’, Berlin (GER)

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Hotels + Gastronomy

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Grün Berlin GmbH / Senat für Stadt + Umwelt, Berlin

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2.462 gfa

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wettbewerbsphase 02/2013 - 04/2013

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1st Price

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project New construction of a visitor centre including gastronomy and event area awarding authority Grün Berlin GmbH team WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) construction supervison Mathias Grimmer PGA, Berlin (D) interiour design WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) exhibition design Moniteurs GmbH  Kommunikationsdesign- Ausstellung, Berlin (D) lighting design Ingenieurbüro für TGA Dipl.-Phys. H.-J. Rehberg VDI, Berlin (D) structural engineering  IKP-Ingenieurgemeinschaft Konstruktion + Planung, Berlin (D) HVAC Ingenieurbüro für TGA Dipl.-Phys. H.-J. Rehberg VDI Heimann Ingenieure GmbH, Berlin (D) landscape architecture   geskes.hack Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Berlin infrastructure BEV Ingenieure GmbH IfE Grothe GmbH, Berlin gfa 2.462 m² ufa 2.021 m² gv 13.223 m³ total areal 8,5 ha net construction costs (KG 200-400) 4.734.361€ competition phase 02/2013 - 04/2013 restricted competition 1st price period of realization 12/2014 - 04/2017


"All that is against nature cannot last in the long run." Charles Darwin


The unique geology and geography of the Gardens of the World is what characterises the overall sculptural and typological structure of the planned visitor centre. The architectural concept, the staging of the individual functional units and the design of the outdoor facilities all systematically descend from the existing natural environment.

Genius Loci – visitor centre in the flow of nature

The distinctiveness of the site at the entrance of a landscape area and on the fringes of a garden city residential area provides only limited urban planning specifications, resulting in a basic concept of the visitor centre in the flow of nature. The architectonic concept foresees a compact building form, in a bid to reduce the built-up surfaces in favour of a green setting, and places particular emphasis on a harmonious integration into the surrounding natural environment. Given its distinctive form, the building forms a clear, identity-establishing conclusion to the Blumberger Damm, while also opening onto the Gardens of the World recreational park with its unique and extensive expression, which rises with the landscape.

The green inner courtyard and the vast open forecourt create a flow between the visitor centre and the existing natural and green environment. The result is a design that, with its clearly defined structure, provides visitors with a warm and secure welcome from an urban to a natural setting. At the same time, openness and transparency are achieved through the targeted use of materials, light and openings.


The main entrance is defined by a generous forecourt on the west side of the building. From there, the inner courtyard is reached via the gateway and ticket sales. Given its representative and welcoming character, the courtyard becomes the central meeting point of the visitor centre and also represents an important point of intersection of the building, from which all the other parts can be reached.


Photos : Stefan Müller, Swen-Eric-Tornow for Alwitra



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