Lifstyle center 'City Concorde' Bertrange (LUX)

Category :

Interior design

Project :

Extention of the shopping mall "City Concorde"

Client :

S.C.I. Bram-Concorde

Country :


Area :

gfa 12.000 m2

Start of planning :


Planning period :

2013 - 2016

Realisation :

2016 - 2018

Assignment :

Complet architecture services

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project Extention of the shopping mall "City Concorde" client S.C.I. Bram-Concorde (LUX) planning services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) civil engineering Simon - Christiansen & Associés, Capellen (LUX) technical engineering Siegel-Schleimer Ingénieurs-Conseils, Aspelt (LUX) infrastructure / open space Luxplan SA, Capellen (LUX) gfa 12.200 m² gv 57.400 m³ total area 9,38 ha start of planning 10/2013 realisation 09/2016- 11/2018 photos Linda Blatzek Photography


Expansion of City Concorde shopping centre Urban planning context The City Concorde shopping centre was established in 1974 on Route de Longwy in Helfent in the municipality of Bertrange. In its 40 years of operation, it has undergone several expansions. To meet the demands of the market and its growing surroundings, the shopping centre is once again being extended and enhanced in terms both of size and standard. By connecting the two existing main entrances, the internal flow is improved and the shopping centre is given a new attractive entrance, accentuated by a large covered forecourt with an open two-storey mullion-transom façade.

The car parking facilities have also been extended with the construction of a new underground car park over two levels.



The commercial premises extend over two storeys, the ground floor and the first floor, along a central skylight; the ground floor also houses a café and a restaurant, inviting shoppers to linger. The second floor provides additional space for a fitness centre and a restaurant. The premises are covered by a free-spanning steel framework. The trusses in the fitness centre are aesthetically appealing as a visible element. The two facilities can separately access the connecting roof terrace, which along with the roof garden is open to all shopping centre customers via the main staircase, providing an inviting spot that can be enjoyed in different atmospheres thanks to its plantings and seating options.

The cellar houses the storage areas for the new commercial premises, as well as the equipment, refuse and building installation rooms, the sanitary facilities for shopping centre customers and the supply delivery routes. Materials and lighting The exterior façade features fibreC reinforced concrete panels. The large-scale glazed shop façades are designed to feature anodised frames in a warm brown-grey, which accompanies the high-grade “Crema Julia” granite flooring. By continuing the warm beige colour tone of the existing façade and the granite flooring inside, the extension and the existing structure will be perceived as a whole.


The general interior lighting concept and advertising surfaces are discreet, allowing the atrium and its large skylight to “shine” as a connecting element. This central place serves as a means of orientation and comes alive through special lighting and design elements.

The main stairwell and the neighbouring lift system are also clad in anodised aluminium sheets, partially perforated and backlit in an eye-catching manner.

The patio and roof terrace feature weather-resistant sustainable materials such as natural stone and wood.Construction


The extension is a concrete structure in a mixed construction featuring load-bearing exterior walls and ceilings, as well as reinforced concrete columns as an interior support structure for a flexible interior design. The stairwell cores and partition walls in the cellar are a solid construction. Partition walls in the ground-floor and first-floor retail area are designed as a lightweight construction due to the required degree of flexibility.

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