'D'Escher Infofabrik' Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX)

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Interior design

Project :

Redesign of the City Touristoffice as well as the regional tourist office, incl. press center and an exhibition room

Client :

Ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette

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Area :

bgf 516 m²

Start of planning :


Planning period :

03/2019 - 06/2019

Realisation :

07/2019 - 10/2019

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project Redesign of the City Touristoffice as well as the regional tourist office, the press center and an exhibition room client City of Esch/Alzette (LUX) services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette (L) / Trier (D) architecture / interior arch similar to HOAI LPH 1-9  structural engeneering Luxconsulting S.à.r.l., Luxembourg gfa 516 m² gv 1.940 m³ planning phase 03/2019 - 06/2019 realisation 07/2019 - 10/2019 photos Linda Blatzek Photography


The Escher Infofabrik is a new contact point for tourists and locals in the centre of the town of Esch-sur-Alzette. The existing business premises on the ground floor of No. 85, Rue de l'Alzette have been extended to provide new and modern spaces for the activities of the municipal service of "Promotion économique, tourisme et relations internationales" as well as the team of the regional tourism office ORT Sud.


In the Infofabrik, visitors can receive information on culture, leisure activities and tourism in Esch and the south of Luxembourg. In addition, the location serves as an information point for those interested in the Esch vacancy management programme CLAIRE (Concept Local d'Activation pour la Revitalisation commerciale d'Esch). Through the open, inviting entrance area, which is equipped with a reception desk, filigree seating and a counter, and the connecting central space, floor to ceiling built-in cabinets with functional presentation elements, in which various information materials can be displayed, run along the wall on one side of the space. A small counter area with high tables makes it possible to welcome visitors with a drink. Behind this zone, the space also has an open conference area where smaller events or press conferences can be held, with live streaming if desired. At the back of the ground floor are the offices for the staff. Glazed partition walls allow daylight to enter the space and provide visual contact into the space. The configuration of the space allows the interior to be experienced in the entirety of its depth. The daylight coming in from both sides underlines the friendly atmosphere.


The basement, which can be reached either via a staircase or barrier free by a lift, includes meeting rooms where work meetings, assemblies and training sessions can take place. An exhibition zone with a flexible, customised presentation system offers space for artistic or informative activities.



The interior design

The interior design deliberately bears witness to industrial character: visible technical installations, open ceilings, untreated concrete walls, industrial timber flooring and reduced use of materials with minimalist lighting elements are intended to recall the history of the "Minett". The industrial charm of the rooms is combined with unique pieces of furniture made of oak, black sheet metal and coloured wood materials. A creative, colourful highlight is provided by the artistic wall design in the style of urban art by the Luxembourgish artist Eric Mangen, who presented a live painting performance in the space during the opening ceremony.

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