Pavillon restaurant B13 Bertrange (LUX)

Category :

Interior design

Project :

Neubau eines Restaurant-Pavillons

Client :

Administration Communale Bertrange

Country :


Area :

gfa 310 m²

Start of planning :


Realisation :

08/2014 - 08/2015

Assignment :

complete architecture services & interior design & furniture design

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project Neubau eines Restaurant-Pavillons client municipal Bertrange (LUX) complete architecture services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) structural engineering Schroeder & Associés, Luxemburg (LUX) technical engineering + illumination Goblet Lavandier & Associés, Luxemburg (LUX) open space ernst + partner, Trier (GER) gfa 310 m² ufa 280 m² gv 2.020 m³ net construction costs 1.376.000 € total gross costs 1.867.000 € start of planning 08/2011 realisation 08/2014 - 08/2015


Design concept


The pavilion has a terrace facing onto the park, measuring approximately 300 m² and able to accommodate a total of approximately 60 seats. Boasting an open kitchen area, the concept of the restaurant prides itself on providing not only a taste adventure, but also a visual experience of food preparation. The clear rectangular form sets itself apart from the square through a gap, thereby underlining its independence. The use of clear forms and the restricted use of just a few materials are distinctive. The cool simple outer shell is in contrast to the bright, radiant inside. Like a cut-open fruit the pavilion allows a glimpse into life on the inside.The generous glass surfaces create a flowing connection between the inside and the outside. All fixed furnishings, such as the kitchen, the bar, the toilet facilities and the storage areas are grouped into one volume and form the southern outer wall. The ceiling and the floors feature natural and simple materials, such as plasterboard ceilings and genuine wood parquet flooring, while subtly blending into the background. The seats in the restaurant are arranged along the glass façade, offering generous views both in and out.

The pavilion’s motto is ‘To see and to be seen`.




The floor of the dining area is laid with an oak parquet that radiates warmth; in contrast, the walls are painted in warm natural tones. The ceiling has suspended acoustic panels with scattered holes. The kitchen and the serving area feature ceramic and stainless steel work surfaces. The bar counter top is made of wood.

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