Ruwertalschule, Waldrach (GER)

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Architecture competitions

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New construction of an elementary school and a secondary school, restoration multi-purpose hall,

Client :

Landkreis Trier-Saarburg, Trier

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Area :

gfa 5.224 m²

Planning period :

01/2018 - 03/2018

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project New construction of an elementary school and a secondary school, restoration multi-purpose hall, Trier-Ruwer client Administrative district Trier-Saarburg, Trier (GER) services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) / Trier (GER) in coorperation with architecture Dietrich Untertrifaller, Vienna (A) open space. HDK Dutt & Kist, Saarbrücken (GER) GFA 5.224 m² UFA 2.741 m² GV 18.881,5 m³ competition phase 01/2018 - 03/2018



The construction area is located in the middle of the village Waldrach on the grounds of the existing Ruwertalschule. A disparate environment reigns, consisting of single-family homes, and features only a few urban development benchmarks. The local hillside location and the site’s western orientation, as well as the outstanding view of the Gottenberg, form the fundamental characteristics of this place.


Central theme

This proposal provides for two compact structures, which are supported on a foundation of local slate. The smaller of the two buildings encompasses the functions of the primary school and the administrative area, while the larger one houses the Realschule secondary school. Together with the existing buildings to be preserved, the cafeteria / sports hall and the extension project, these form the new campus of the primary and Realschule plus. The uniform and balanced design underlines the concept of the school as a unit of equal parts. The differentiated design of the project’s open spaces and break areas reflects the high importance of outside areas in the educational concept of the school. The terraced building structure reconciles the steep grades of the terrain levels and enables optimal use of the building area. The positioning of the new buildings along the eastern edge of the slope is the basis for the fundamental characteristic of thislocation in front of the magnificent view of the Gottenberg. School buildings provide a substantial recreational and break area with a sweeping view of the Ruwertal valley.


Functional solution

The floor plans of both new buildings have three-room designs, which offer space for accessory uses in the central zone. All classrooms, both primary and secondary, are oriented to the west and have a fantastic view of the landscape. Due to the location of the classrooms in the two upper floors, there is no negative distraction from the intermediary schoolyard area. All lesser used rooms, such as specialist rooms and staff rooms, are east facing. Well-proportioned windows and zenithal skylights ensure pleasant outward views and a nice external appearance, in addition to enhancing the quality of rooms and the appeal of occupying them. With regard to the educational concept of the school, large sliding doors are planned for the classrooms and traffic areas.

This means that classrooms can be interconnected and circulation areas can be used as open learning areas in the daily classes. In the basement, which forms the continuous foundation of the building, there are playtime exits as well as the all-day rooms. Likewise, the versatile outdoor spaces offer numerous opportunities for individual instructional programs outdoors. Accessibility to the entire site is facilitated via elevators and the design of exterior surfaces.


Surroundings Materials

The simple and timeless facade is specifically designed for longevity and sustainability. The cleanly proportioned façade system made of sapphire-coloured Alucobond composite panels promises an economical solution with low maintenance costs. The schoolyard, which features areas subject to high mechanical stress, the base is covered in slate.


Open-air facilities

The outdoor facilities structure the school grounds by economically exploiting the topography into viable functional areas. The schoolyard is clearly defined, which ensures a high degree of clarity and accessibility. The sheltered entrance area greets incoming students and accommodates them during waiting periods outside of class time, as well as channelling the dispersion of students to their respective buildings in a barrier free environment. Specific action areas are established to accommodate different age groups of students. There is a playground for elementary schoolchildren with climbing equipment and a playing field for secondary school kids providing opportunities for sports during breaks. The play areas contrast with lower tempo opposing hubs featuring quiet zones and treed expanses. Overall, a uniformly planned school landscape is created, with areas can nonetheless be clearly allocated to individual school entities

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