Kiosk in Park Molter, Mondercange (LUX)

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Architecture competitions

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Kiosk in Park Molter, Mondercange (LUX)

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Gemeinde Mondercange (L)

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gfa 3.700 m²

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project New construction of a primary school with a day care centre, a crèche, a fresh kitchen and a sports hall client Municipality of Mondercange (LUX), public services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) / Trier (GER) Architektur  gfa 194 m² ufa 114 gv 194 m³  plan area size 0,03 ha net construction costs 1.098.092 € total gross costs 1.628.360 € competition 10/2020 - 12/2020



The park in relation to its surroundings

Molter Park, in the heart of Mondercange, is a recreational and leisure area for the citizens of the village. With its main pedestrian axis lined with timber, it is the link and the green heart that stretches from northwest to southeast along the Kaazebach. Another circular arterial road crosses the park from northeast to southwest. It connects the two parkings, provides access to the residential area to the north of the park, and runs along the main activities. Playgrounds and sports fields are located along this route. At the southern intersection of these two veins we find the kiosk, which becomes the service area for the green heart of Mondercange.



Architectural concept of the kiosk

The circular path encloses a lawn that extends in waves from the watercourse to the outer-bounds, defining the simple and open basic structure of the park. These waves of lawn have their deepest starting point in the Kaazebach. They rise outward parallel to the undulating flow and are oriented to the existing topography. The waves of the lawn create a kind of sculpture of the earth with wave valleys of varying depths. They provide opportunities for play or even for lying down. In this way, they allow a sequence of different spatial impressions.


Although the kiosk will play an important role in the park, it is important that it is integrated into the park structure. Both must form a harmonious and lively whole. The goal is to model the green spaces in such a way that there is room for a discreet building.


The architecture here plays with nature. The kiosk comes like a wave, lifting the ground and curling into its hollow. Thus, it adapts to its surroundings and offers the user different angles of view. The silhouette of the building is reflected in the water of the retention basin. It is an architecture that reflects the landscape of the park and lives in complete symbiosis with the site.



Description of the architectural project

The kiosk is located in a central position in the park, at a crossroads where the main paths meet. Due to its use and location, it will be the main attraction of the park.


The main entrance of the building can be seen from the northeast. But a three-sided glazed guest room invites citizens to quench their thirst inside the wave. It is a room with a ceiling height of 3m40, which can accommodate 6 to 8 tables of 2 people. The furniture is chosen to allow the use of natural and robust materials. The tables are arranged along the glass facade and allow a generous view of the park. Opposite the entrance door, a display case refrigerator pleases the eyes of most gourmets. Bellow the wave on one side are the technical and storage rooms, as well as the kitchen and bar. The defibrillator and beverage dispenser are also installed on this side.


Along the north facade are the public washrooms, accessible both from the outside and from the kiosk, and the staff rooms. The waste storage room is also located on this facade to provide direct access from the street. Deliveries to the kiosk are made through the staff corridor. A landscaped pergola extends the shape of the building and provides a shaded terrace for parents to enjoy a moment of relaxation while watching their children play on the playgrounds.


To the south, the picnic area is extended to the foot of the building. So it is possible to order your drinks immediately from the outside. Openings are provided in the facades directly from the bar and kitchen. Wave-shaped sculptures echo the overall concept of the kiosk architecture, offering the opportunity to sit, eat or even play in and on these different forms. Trees, such as sycamore trees, provide natural shade for the picnic area.


Coming from the northwest side, the pedestrian first sees a wave of grass adorned with bleachers that make a nice terrace for enjoying the afternoon sun. Climbing up to the roof of the kiosk, one has a panoramic view of the entire park and can admire the topographical sculpture.



Building materials

The architecture is simple and modern, blending in with the surrounding nature. The supporting structure and the facades are made of wood. The frame extends to the outside to provide solar protection for part of the terrace. The generous glass surfaces allow a fluid connection between the interior and exterior. An overhanging roof, as well as wooden elements, protect the interior of the pavilion from the heat of the south. The access doors are all clad in wood, so that when closed they form a single unit with the facade. Only the main entrance doors will be glazed.


Inside, timber dominates, both on the floor and on the walls. It extends to the outside, forming a plateau on which rests the building that extends under the pergola. The pedestrian path of the park, also made of wood, crosses this plateau.


The roof consists of a green roof complex. The wooden grandstand is integrated into the grass roof. The edge of the roof complex is plastered and painted in a light colour to emphasize the shape of the building and highlight the wood of the facade.

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