Humboldt-Gymnasium Trier (GER)

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Architecture competitions

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Extension of the Humboldt-Gymnasium, Trier (GER)

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Stadtverwaltung Trier (D)

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gfa 2.067 m²

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project Extension of the Humboldt-Gymnasium client City Administration Trier (GER), public services WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) / Trier (GER) Architektur  in cooperation with architecture Dietrich Untertrifaller, München (GER) gfa 2.067 m² ufa 1.260 gv 5.860 m³ plan area size 390 m2 competition 10/2019 - 12/2020


"We honour tradition by developing it further".

Quote from Gottfried Böhm




Architectural approach

The new building concentrates on the essentials and is designed to be simple and restrained in keeping with the times. It does not highlight itself and is not recognisable, at first glance, as a later addition. Rather, the aim is to create a homogeneous impression, in which the new is allowed to camouflage itself. Instead of emphasising the break, the difference between old and new, a somewhat more homogeneous ensemble is created that does not impose itself but remains discreetly in the background. A more uniform appearance may be more in line with the wishes of the users, so that new building components lean more heavily on the forms of the old ones. This is not a simple nostalgic architecture or an absolutely literal reconstruction, but a subtle, differentiating reinterpretation of the old.


All rooms are generously glazed and optimally supplied with daylight. Opening casements allow natural ventilation and the planned sun protection ensures climate regulation in the individual rooms in summer. The natural room atmosphere is supported by few, authentic and durable finishing materials.




The new and old buildings are universally accessible on all levels thanks to the lift in the new building.

In the existing building at the corner of Augustinerhofstraße and Hindenburgstraße, however, another lift must be planned in order to make the school building completely universally accessible.

A third lift will probably be necessary to provide universal access to the event hall.



Materials and Construction

Construction out of modern, technical timber construction in modular design. All walls are made of rapidly renewable coniferous wood (glued laminated timber). The ceilings are concieved as elemented box construction (e.g. Lignatur). Necessary cable routing of the technical building equipment (HLS) within the box elements. Acoustic measures and lighting can be integrated into the wall and ceiling elements. Outer skin plain plaster facade, which is also colour-coordinated with the existing façade, or rather as a continuation of it.

The windows are forseen consequently as wood-aluminium construction with triple glazing with opening sashes for natural ventilation and easy cleaning.

The floor coverings are proposed in hard-wearing natural rubber, colour can be suggested independently.

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