ParK Ouerbett, Kayl (LUX)

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Project :

Rearrangement of the park „Ouerbett“ with a pavilion

Client :

administration communale Kayl/ TetangeKayl

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Area :

2,5 ha

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Realisation :

08/209 - 06/2010

Award :

Luxembourger price for architecture 2011

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project rearrangement of the park „Ouerbett“ with a pavilion awarding authority Municipality of Kayl (public) planning WW+ architektur + management (LUX) - wich architekten (GER) start of planning 2006 start of construction 2009 floor space 2,5 ha work phases 1-9 construction costs 2.900.000 € incl. VAT (park and pavilion) project management WW+ architektur + management sàrl opening Juni 2010


Description of the conceptual design

The Kayl valley reaches in north-south direction from the town centre of Kayl along the Kayl beck to Tétange. The park Ouerbett forms the northern edge of the green link. It represents the green centre of Kayl as public urban space. In the west there’s a connection to the “Gehaansbierg” and to the nature preserve “Haardt”. In the east the road leads to Esch, the “Bromeschbierg” and to the whole area around the “Gaalgenbierg” and the “Terres Rouges”. Essential parameters of the design are the preservation of the existing single trees and bosk groups, the definition of the park edges, the integration of the requested utilisations as well as the accentuation of the entrance zones and the transitional area to the town and the landscape.

Description of the project

The new structure of the park is on the one hand characterized by the Kaylbach running from north to south and the road parallel to it and on the other hand by the new loop road to which the main functions of the park are affiliated. While the north-south road has rather an exploitation function (e.g. to the new pavilion) or also a connecting function (e.g. as bicycle track to Tétange), the loop road meanders through the park and invites to stroll and rest.

As a spatial enclosure the edge towards the park gets a clearly visible green border in form of hornbeam hedges. The bundling of exploitation and abidance at the edges allows to leave the middle open. There’s an extensive offer of utilisations like a playground with assigned seating-accommodations for different age groups or a small sports field. The loop road furthermore frames a large lawn, which can be used as play and sunbathing area as well as for festivals and events in the park. The changeover from this road to the open lawn is realized by Herbaceous in various colours and sizes. Openness and largeness in the centre of the green frame stand for the non-dedicated utilization of the “flowing” meadow areas. The Kaylbach also flows through this park centre, thereby giving it a special atmosphere. A trafficable bridge (max. 3,5 t) in the north and in the south leads to the other side of the rivulet. There are small common areas near the park entrances, which are staged by appropriate luminaries in the evening hours. Light steles on the small places near the two main entrances from the Rue du Moulin in the north and the Rue de Tétange in the south offer a welcoming entry. They are part of a concerted illumination concept with effect lighting of the bridges, the water access and two big trees close to the pavilion.

One of the most important functions in the park is the Ouerbett pavilion, located at the point of intersection of the loop road with the north-south road. In front of the pavilion there are seating steps, which enable direct access and contact to the Kaylbach, whose quality has been revalued by cleaning and little improvement measures at the water’s edge.

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