Town center Mondercange (L)

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Upgrade of Mondercange town centre -

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Administration Communale Mondercange

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gfa 7.500 m²

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04/2010 - 09/2011

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Complet landscaping services

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project upgrade of Mondercange town centre - Redesign of Rue de l’Eglise and the Parc Central, as a first implementation phase of the overall project client Community of Mondercange (LUX) planning services open space WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) open space Wich Architekten, Munich (GER) study accessability Adapth, Luxembourg (LUX) infrastructure Schroeder & Associes, Luxembourg (LUX) total surface 7.500 m² net costs open space 1.786.000 total gross costs 2.207.000 start of planning 2008 realisation 04/2010 - 09/2011


The basic framework of the urban planning concept for the design of the Mondercange town centre consists of a sequence of squares, which extend from the new youth centre square to the small church square via the ‘town hall square’ to the ‘school forecourt’. In a first phase and as a key component of this sequence, ‘Rue de l’Eglise’ and the small northside park (‘Parc Central’) underwent development and were officially inaugurated in June 2011. The concept for the new ‘Rue de l’Eglise’ foresaw a strong reduction in through traffic and an overall reduction in road traffic. Correspondingly, today it provides one-way traffic for residents only and features a bus lane from the Grand Rue as well as allowing twoway traffic for cyclists. The previous northern bypass of the church has been converted into a footpath. The green areas on the northern boundary between the church and the ’Grand Rue’, which previously made for a haphazard and disjointed sight, are now functional and artistically connected to one another and together have been given a new sense of purpose as the new ‘Parc Central’.

Public space design
The previous barriers defining the various functions of the youth house, the crèche, the ’Duerfplaz’ and the church have been largely removed, despite the diverse topography; today generous recreation and play areas and new pathways define the design of the small park. In line with the planned high-quality upgrade of the town centre, generous spaces offering a welcoming place to linger have been created. Moreover, as a significant structure of the town, the church is now integrated in appropriate surroundings with a more visible presence from the ’Grand Rue’ also. As the focal point of the new town centre, the park provides leisure and recreation opportunities for the citizens and visitors of Mondercange and is thus an identifying feature, meeting point and playground for both young and old. The entrance to the park from Grand Rue is formed by the ‘Stadtpodest’, a green space inviting visitors to linger or play pétanque under the trees. From here a path extends all the way to the former ’Place des Martyrs’ on ’Rue d’Esch’,
illuminated by light pillars. The height differences within the park are emphasised by longitudinal, approximately 45cm-high edging/seating walls.


Playgrounds for children and adolescents
The playground areas differentiate between an outside area for the youth house and an enclosed play area for small children, assigned to the existing ’crèche’ and the new ’garderie’. This play area has been fitted out with natural materials (FSC-certified robinia wood for play equipment, swings and curbs) and is thus yet another attraction, in particular for small children.

Around the church
Given its mineral paving and anticipated use, the former ’Place des Martyrs’ has assumed a more urban character. In addition to a new bus stop with bicycle parking facilities, it now also features a fountain with effect lighting. Further accentuation is achieved through the lighting of the churchyard wall. As far as the church is concerned, the stairs to the main entrance have undergone renovation and a new ramp from ’Place des Martyrs’ now enables unobstructed access to the churchyard.


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