Westerwaldstraße, Rengsdorf (GER)

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Project :

Development of an urban planning concept for sustainable mixed-use housing

Client :

Ortsgemeinde Rengsdorf

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Area :

7,6 ha

Planning period :

03/2012 - 05/2012

Award :

4th prize

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project development of an urban planning concept for sustainable mixed-use housing awarding authority Community of Rengsdorf (GER) team WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER), ernst+partner landschaftsarchitekten, Trier (GER) realisation part 1,2 ha idea part 7,6 ha competition phase 03/2012 - 05/2012 open competition 4th price


Guiding principle

Rengsdorf – via the Boulevard to Westerwald
The local community of Rengsdorf occupies a special position in the transition from the Middle Rhine Valley to the Westerwald. The main north and south roads leading into the town are marked with visually striking signs. Distinctively characterised street sections as spatial sequences with the central Boulevard give the ‘Westerwaldstraße‘ an unmistakeable profile. The spa town as a residential location and tourist attraction becomes a platform offering highly agreeable surroundings.


Urban planning concept

The primary goal of the new urban planning concept is to combine work, living and social interaction and to contribute to a longer-term and sustainable residential construction oriented towards users and the town. The ‘Untere Westerwaldstraße’ features four solitary building volumes, housing residences of varying size, which mix and merge all social demographic groups. The incorporation of the buildings into the existing natural environment provides residents with a great range of open public and private spaces.


In addition to the diverse residential offer on ‘Untere Westerwaldstraße’, the further development and revival of ‘Obere Westerwaldstraße’ creates additional residential space, for the ‘third phase of life’. The building incorporates existing projections and alcoves of the street route and thus harmoniously blends into the streetscape of ‘Obere Westerwaldstraße’. The aim is to safeguard the interests of long-established residents and to appeal to new residents. The central heart of the locality, as a reflection of public life, will be broadened through the relocating of the new hotel, beckoning residents and visitors alike to linger. The establishment of the tourist information office and possibly smaller retail spaces on the ground floor will result in important infrastructures that will contribute to the new definition of the town centre. Gastronomy enthusiasts are also catered for with the upgraded beer garden ‘Zum Hirschen’, which takes full advantage of the existing trees and can be accessed from the square via a flight of stairs. In addition, the new, slightly lofty square, which forms the counterpart to the already newly designed opposite square, will feature gastronomy services and therefore bring old and new life into the centre

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