House Perl-Nennig (GER)

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New construction of a single-family house

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Area :

gfa 320 m²

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Realisation :

05/2009 - 05/2010

Assignment :

complete architecture services

interior design

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project new construction of a single - family house client private planning services WW+ complete architecture services partner: civil engineering Sänger-Gorges, Reinsfeld (GER) gfa 320 m² ufa 140 m² gv 1.150 m³ total area 0,35 ha start of planning 11/2008  realisation 05/2009 - 05/2010

The residence is located in the Moselle town of Nennig, close to the Luxembourg border. The plot is narrow, and stretches a long way in an east-west direction. In front of the residence is a freestanding garage, lending the property a courtyard feel while providing sufficient distance between the house and the street. The energy requirements for this ‘low-energy house’ are provided via an air-to-water heat pump; a ventilation system ensures a controlled living room ventilation with heat recovery. With the living and dining areas pushing through in the direction of the garden, the ground floor systematically opens up to the south, east and west, resulting in outdoor terraces. The installation and secondary rooms are housed to the north. The upper floor is accessed via a staircase fixed at one end in a free space. To the east is the parents’ quarter, to the west are two equal-sized children’s rooms. The parents’ and children’s rooms are separated by a gallery and their respective bathrooms.

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