Residence, Kenn (GER)


New construction of a two-storey multi-family residence with nine dwellings

Matthias Ruppert Bauunternehmen, Esch

gfa 1.550 m2


11/2012 - 10/2014

project New construction of a two-storey multi-family residence with nine dwellings client Matthias Ruppert buidling company, Esch (GER) design and executive WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER) civil engineering Ritz Johann Ingenieurbüro, Dreis (GER) technical enginerring ek Ingenieurbüro, Salmtal (GER) gfa 1.550 m² ufa 1.323 m² gv 5.322 m³ total area 948 m² number of apartments 9 net construction costs 1.600.000 € start of planning 01/2012 start of realisation 11/2012


The two-storey multi-family residence with a total of nine dwellings is located in the centre of Kenn. The structure blends in with the surrounding properties and is connected to a neighbouring building. All the dwellings are accessed from Bahnhofstraße. The stairwell is equipped with a lift and is designed for disabled access. The individual dwellings vary in size, ranging from 67 to 110 m². Each dwelling has a balcony or a loggia. Natural lighting is achieved with full-length windows or via dormers in the case of the loft apartments. The basement houses a garage with eight parking places, which can be accessed from St.-Margarethen-Straße at the rear of the building.

The multi-family residence meets the KFW standard requirements and has mechanically-controlled
ventilation and aeration. The external walls will feature thermal insulation. The gabled roof will be clad
in zinc.


Carpel 4 Strassen  Ansichten

Carpel 4 – residential building, Strassen (LUX)

Carpel 1-Strassen Perspektive

Carpel 1 - residential and commercial building, Strassen (LUX)


Residence, Kenn (GER)

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