Postareal, Bitburg (GER)

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Project :

New construction of a residential and commercial building

Client :

Gemeindeverwaltung Bitburg

Country :


Area :

gfa 9200 m²

Planning period :

02/2011 - 08/2011

Realisation :

02/2013 - 09/2015

Award :

1st prize

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project New construction of a residential and commercial building awarding authority Municipal administration of Bitburg (GER) investor GBT Wohnungsbau und Treuhand AG, Trier (GER) team WW+, Esch-sur-Alzette/Trier (LUX/GER), Werner Schaack, Trier (GER), HDK Dutt+Kist, Saarbrücken (GER), Ingenieurbüro Dieter Lohner, Trier (GER), Ingenieurbüro Rittgen, Trier (GER) gfa 9.200 m² ufa 7.800 m² gv 32.500 m³ total area 0,35 ha building costs net 7.632.000 € competition phase 02/2011 - 08/2011 restricted competition 1st price comission based on negotiated procedure realisation 02/2013 - 09/2015


Planning objective

On the outskirts of the former city boundary, the new post office quarter forms a town entrance at the start of the pedestrian zone – a new meeting point for visitors and residents of the town of Bitburg, the heart of the Eifel. The key project of the post office quarter, through ensuring high-quality and sustainable new uses featuring an adapted inner-city assortment of trades, service provisions and housing, will lead to the desired revival of the precinct. Supported by a high-end gastronomy, e.g. daytime cafés with outside seating and wide public steps where people can sit, the place will come to life and encourage the public to linger.

Design features

The façade of the new construction follows the classic punctuated façades that can be found in the immediate vicinity of the old town. The height of the buildings is based on the surrounding structures and the old post office building. The planned four storeys impart an urban feel and respond effectively to the extended space. The open ground floor housing business and gastronomy services opens out to the square known as ‘Am Spittel’. Plugging through the commercial areas on the ground floor results in interesting visual connections between the two squares and prevents the emergence of building rears

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